Saturday, February 9, 2013

Internet Wonders

Hello, Internet. I have been up to some very important things this week, perusing you and your many splendors. Allow me to share some of my favorite recent aspects of yourself with you.

I am all the crap about these songs as of late.

So... when I first heard the following song on the radio, I thought it was some sweet indie band and thought it was maybe the most adorable song I'd ever heard. I later learned it was by One Direction and have been hating myself ever since. Every time it comes on the radio I love it and subsequently die a little inside.


This project is cool and I love it. It's haunting and transfixing and kind of sexy and, as the first commenter says, looks like ghost porn.


Have you heard about this? This evokes two main thoughts for me: that anyone can change, and I love that; and that I feel deeply frightened but also oddly compassionate when I realize how many people do (what I consider to be) terrible things truly believing they are doing something good.


Me: Want to look up videos of hamsters eating spaghetti?
Ann: Ok.

I love you all. Have a great weekend, peaches.

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