Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Drunken Debates

If there is one thing Ann and I are good at, it's screaming at each other. As fellow bloggers and attention-whores, we recently realized a good way to transform our madness into Youtube glory might be to get drunk and film ourselves debating completely random ass topics. We posted on our Facebook walls, requesting that our friends offer us debate topics. We then went to town on a bottle of Captain Morgan and produced the following. There are 5 videos total. Instead of bashing you all over the head with them at once, we've decided to break them into two posts on our respective blogs. Expect the next batch in about a week.

So here's how it works: Watch, enjoy, then write in the comments who you think the winner of each debate is. Ann kicks kittens for fun, so you're probably going to want to vote for me. Also, if you remember that we live in an apartment, and that our neighbors probably heard every word of our drunken hollering, you will undoubtedly get much more enjoyment out of these videos.

Without further ado, I shame-facedly present Drunken Debates.

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