John is smart, funny, and a great writer. Here, he writes in-depth analyses of various Jim Henson characters.

Around the Veggie Table
Ali is a newlywed who shares super yummy vegetarian treats.

My adorable friend Chelsie chronicles life as a recent college graduate and fellow actor in DC.

Choose Your Journey
Meaghan is a lawyer and yoga teacher in Baltimore, and every single one of her posts make me laugh out loud.

Daily Garnish
Emily is a former chef, awesome runner, and new mom to precious baby Cullen. She whips up some killer vegan recipes and shares her adventures in mamahood (and tons of cute baby pics).

Doing the District
These gals review all the best restaurants, activities, and shops in DC, and sometimes they hold fun happy hours! I have never been disappointed by one of their recommendations.

Nevie is a fellow animal and pit bull lover. She writes sweet and poignant posts, all trying to help out pets at the Montgomery County Humane Society, where she used to work.

My friend Jayme is crazy, high energy, and hilarious. He is also occasionally powerfully, emotionally raw.

Healthy Tipping Point
If you're into healthy living blogs, you know who Caitlin is. She's a huge advocate for a healthy lifestyle, healthy body image, self-love, etc. I love her thought-provoking posts and her wonderful, non-judgmental nature.

Kendi Everyday
Cutest. Damn. Thing. My favorite fashion blogger. This is how I would dress if I knew how to dress.

Peas and Thank You
Mama Pea is an awesome mom who has taught her cute little girls to love veggies!

Pickles and Honey
Amanda has delicious recipes, beautiful photography and a lovely personality. She also is great about responding to comments, which is a big plus in my book.

Sassy Marmalade 
I get the vast majority of my fashion advice from this lady's Fashion Friday posts. DC blogger, for all my local friends.

Sibling and Charybdis 
My best friend and roomie and her brother Shawn are two of the smartest, funniest people I know. If you like laughter and joy and all that is good in the world, check out their blog.

Sweet Tater
This chick is one of my favorite bloggers ever. She's lol-worthy, a fellow crazy cat lady, and about once or twice a month has a post that makes me straight up cry. Also, her name is Katie. No brainer.

The New Me
Christine is a girl after my own heart. She has chickens, a bee hive and a vegetable garden - basically, everything apartment living prohibits me from having. Luckily, I (and you) can experience such permaculture practices through her blog.

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