Monday, April 23, 2012

My Weekend in List Form

1. Friday night I went out with my co-worker and amiga, Casey. Because Casey's a hottie and a model, she apparently has all kinds of connections to various fun DC things. She got us into Art Soiree, a fancy party at The Washington Club, a fancy-schmancy gorgeous building in Dupont. Free is the best price. Especially when you're at an expensive event. Lots of dancing and frivolity ensued.

So fancy, right?

2. Saturday morning, I went to a callback for a Fringe show. It took place on GW campus, which I have officially decided to attend. As an undergrad. Pretending to be 18. It just looks like a fun place to go to college.

3. After my callback, I moseyed on over to Barnes and Noble. My new favorite Saturday afternoon activity, which I have been doing the past month or so, is hanging out for hours at B&N. Reading in bookstores is much more pleasant than reading at home. And when I start feeling antsy, I can wander about downtown Bethesda for awhile! Lovely, lovely. 

4. After my literary afternoon, I went to the children's show that my friends Dylan and Emmy directed, Alice in Wonderland. It was at Children's Theatre of Annapolis, a company that I performed with as a youth. Hence, I ran into several friends and stage moms I haven't seen since high school. The show was  really cute and well done, and the kids were hilarious. 

5. I then met up with my sister at P.F. Chang's. Laughter, chatter, Chinese food. Asian pear mojito. Good stuff.

6. Yesterday, I woke up ready for a day of outdoorsy fun. The Earth woke up and decided the best way to celebrate Earth Day was to crap all over everything (aka be really rainy and cold. I guess rain on Earth Day is fitting. Giving the earth a drink so all the plants can grow is pretty earth friendly.) Whenever I don't like what the weather is doing, I respond by wearing clothes appropriate for the weather I would like it to be, hoping this will voodoo my way to the weather I want. This absolutely never works, and always results in my being extremely miserable. So, I began my day wearing a lovely sundress.

7. I went to the farmers market and got ASPARAGUS, STRAWBERRIES, AND CUCUMBERS. I really can't quite express to you how happy this made me.

8. I then went to Living Social's Beerfest with my friends Kat and Will. A big outdoor party with free microbrews and a shit ton of food trucks. Sounds fantasmic, right? Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, it was also bitter cold with frigid rain beating down on us. Fortunately, free ponchos and free booze turned it into a pretty hilarious party, where everyone was pretty much like "What the fuck? This is ridiculous! Yaaaaay beer pong!"

9. I foolishly drove to this event instead of metroing, and was clearly in no condition to get myself safely home once it ended. Upon this realization, I promptly called my dear friend Jamie, and informed him he would need to pick me up from the metro in ten minutes and hang out with my drunk ass until I sobered up enough to be driven back to my car. He, naturally, was thrilled by the prospect of having intoxicated Katie tag along on all his various errands. Thanks, sug. You're a peach.

10. I ended my weekend by having one of the characteristic four hour long conversation marathons that Ann and I so specialize in. Basically, about once every few weeks, we stay up to an ungodly hour talking about all the feelings that we have about everything in our lives. It was actually one of the more enlightening conversations I've had in a long time. I had several pretty big epiphanies about some things going on in my life right now. It left my brain a little exhausted, but in a good way.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go feed my face some strawberries. Happy Monday!


  1. This sounds like a great weekend - especially the ASPARAGUS, STRAWBERRIES, AND CUCUMBERS part. Produce thrills me!

    I went to Houston's Beerfest last year and it was a poorly planned mess, but that kind of made it even more awesome. Things are easier to deal with when you're drinking free beer. :)