Sunday, April 15, 2012

Here's Some Random Thoughts

I think Kirby is trying to murder Stella.

He's being really stealthy about it. Whenever they're together, he acts completely enamored of her. He snuggles with her and licks her head while she lies there with a "Yes, adore me if you must" look on her face. They play together all day long. They really seem like the best of friends.

However, Kirby has developed a weird habit in the last few months. About 5 or 6 times a day, he goes over to their water dish and scoots it away from their little food station. He just bats it until he's moved it about 6 inches, then goes about his day. Every morning when I refill their water, the dish is about 3 or 4 feet away from its original location, and usually under the kitchen table. 

We've been pretty puzzled by this. I mean, what's the point? And why start now? The location of his water dish was never cause for complaint before. And then the other day, Ann pointed out to me that whenever Stella jumps on the kitchen table/coffee table/counter, it's usually to drink water out of a glass we've left out. When she sits on the edge of the tub while we shower (which she loves to do; if you forget to let her in the bathroom, as soon as she hears the shower go on she starts crying and scratching at the door to come in), it's to lean her little face out and drink the water. She even licks the water off the bottom of the tub after we shower. Ann also pointed out that Stella hardly ever actually drinks from the water dish.

I'm thinking that Kirby, recognizing the utter stupidity that is my little girl cat, has figured out that if he hides the water dish, Stella is probably too dumb to find it. Given the lengths to which she goes to get water from any other location, it seems to be working. It could even be argued that her non-stop delinquency is to achieve the dousing she then receives by the spray bottle, which she can lick off her fur.

I wish you could see the way Kirby stared at me the entire time I've been typing this. It's like he knows. Terrifying.


MFing asparagus

Do you know what I'm doing after I post this? I'm going to the farmers market and buying some damn asparagus. All my bitching about eating locally and surviving the winter on squash is about to cease, my friends. I'm going to feast on this shit.

Also, I've apparently become one of those obnoxious health freaks that gets excited about things like asparagus. So that's embarrassing.


This song is awesome.


I think I'm ready to fall in love with someone.

Not that there is a someone, mind you. It's just that, for the past nine months, while I've been pregnant learning how to be single, falling in love with someone was a bad idea. I think my relationships for the most part have been very loving and healthy, but I also have a bad habit of getting too wrapped up in significant others. I realized that after my last relationship ended, and spent this last year trying to remedy that. I finally think I'm in a place where I could love someone else and not lose sight of myself in the process. 

I'm still loving being single, and am in no rush to find someone. It's just nice to know that, when B.o.B. or Joseph Gordon-Levitt or some other perfectly nice, non-famous dude comes along, I won't go all 10 Things I Hate About You on him. 

7th grade Katie thought Kat was the coolest.


I will now leave you with an adorable photo shoot of Stella and I, to prove that, despite my constant raging against her, I actually think she is the cutest thing ever and love her a lot.

Aw. I'll make sure Kirbster doesn't kill you.

Happy Sunday!

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