Monday, July 11, 2011

Well hello there, blog world.

Two things happened to me a few months ago. The first is I started following a few blogs on a regular basis. I got really into them - it was like reading a novel that was happening in real time! Neat, yo! The second thing is I ventured to Japan for two weeks, and sent my beloved ones daily, super-long emails. I loved those emails. I looked forward to writing them each night, and frequently found myself narrating my daily adventures in my head. I am aware that's a little strange... but instead of trying to squash my mildly schizophrenic habit, I have decided to bring it back into my life via blogging!

I debated for awhile on what specific topic to make this blog. I mostly read fitness/foodie blogs, and considered making this guy one of those. I decided not to, because a) I totally don't know enough about those things to write on them with any authority whatsoever, b) I always cook from recipes and haven't the foggiest idea how to make up a meal without directions and c) I have a million other things I want to talk about because I'm just that interesting! So I'ma just blab on about whatever I happen to dream up.

I should perhaps warn you about two things pertaining to my writing style: my sentences are way too long, and I don't really understand paragraphs. I basically just start a new one when I get bored, but probably end up lumping several paragraphs together pretty frequently. I don't feel particularly concerned about this. I considered studying English instead of Theatre in college, but I didn't and I suppose this is the trade-off. If you find it terribly offensive, you can meander on out of my little corner of the blogging community. Or send me hate mail.

Oh, and don't think too much about the blog title. I just like those things.
Here we go!

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