Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Instead of the Pool...

I'm doing this. Because it is hot outside, friends, and I just spent 5 hours learning that.

Ann (roommate) was out of town last night, so I had the apartment to myself. One of the things you quickly learn when you're newly single (which I am) is just how much of your time was spent with one person. When you're not doing that anymore... you find yourself with a lot more time. Not inherently a bad thing. But definitely a thing I've noticed. So far, I've spent most of that alone time doing various productive-ish things, like cooking and yoga and playing the guitar. Last night, however, I decided to bum around all night and watch Scrubs. I'm pretty busy all the time anyway, what with various theatrical projects, so I don't feel bad about slumming it up last night. (I do feel a little bad about not cleaning the rat cage or the bathroom, like I had planned...)

I did, however, make some super-tasty succotash. I got the recipe from my beloved Dishing Up Maryland cookbook. I craftily procured some cheap veggies to make it at the farmers market the other day. The corn was acquired as such:
Me (looking at 3 good ears of corn and 2 with yucky brown patches): I'll take these three.
Farmer: No, you'll take all of them, but I'll only charge you for those three. Because I'm never going to sell those two.

I chopped off the yucky parts - which were actually only a very small portion - and had a shit ton of tasty corn. I found 5 teeny tiny red bell peppers that looked a little old in a couple spots, but otherwise fine. I paid $1.10 for them, and they were the best red peppers I've ever consumed in all my days. I could not believe how red they were. I want to find a simile that isn't quite so gross, but they were seriously the exact color of blood and I was all about it. I couldn't find lima beans at the market, or at the grocery store (produce and frozen section - what the heck?!) so I had to buy them canned. Kinda skeeved me out a bit, but oh well. And THEN I added some basil from my flourishing basil plant, so I could feel like a farmer too. Yay!

Today has thus far been filled with brunch, dogs, friendly tow truck drivers and rude, sexist mechanics. Tonight will be filled with rehearsal. Hooray for last minute script changes!

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