Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Favorites

Starting off Friday morning with a guinea pig* on your lap, a cup of tea, and a list of things that make you happy is pretty wonderful. Here are some things I happened upon in the magical land of the internets this week that I think are grand.

1. What Do Hate Groups Think of Jennifer Lawrence?

I'm pretty sure the best way to combat hate groups is not to fight them, but to just refuse to take them seriously. Nothing's worse than being ridiculed when you're trying to martyr yourself. Plus, this is just flippin' hilarious.

2. Chrissy just shared this beautiful essay by Brian Doyle and I can't stop rereading it. I'm trying to find some sort of art project to incorporate it into. Stay tuned...

3. Every time Delightfully Tacky posts throwback pictures of her long hair, it makes me itch for my curls. I've been in a straightened hair kind of mood for the past year, but I think my big hair might be about ready for a comeback.

4. I think I want my next hobby to be artisanal cocktails. I want to start infusing my own liquors, and making fancy, complicated drinks with them. Hence, this blog is my new favorite thing.

5. Two of my favorite ladies. I love seeing strong women support each other.

6. This ring makes me giggle.

7. This story about Republican senator Rob Portman openly supporting gay marriage makes my heart happy.

Have a beautiful weekend, loves, and a St. Patrick's Day filled with Guinness, Dropkick Murphys, and green!

*I have two lovely new guinea pigs named Violet and Clover! I want to tell you all about them, but I am waiting on some camera issues to be resolved so I can post pictures. Not to worry, I'll soon be smothering you with piggie stories as well as all my cat-blathering.


  1. I vote hell yes on the hair. I speak on behalf of slightly-wavy-haired people who wish they had big curly hair.