Wednesday, January 16, 2013

City Weekend

I just came off of the loveliest weekend, and was, in fact, so overwhelmed by its glory, that it took me three days to calm down enough to tell you about it.

Nah, I just am a lazy pile of crap and didn't have a chance to upload my photos until last night. But I did have a nice weekend.

My sister Lara came to visit Friday night. We had a quick feast at Noodles (there was a Noodles in the town where I went to college, and every time I'm eating penne rosa and drinking a cream soda, I get nostalgic for the vast wasteland that is the College Park Route 1 strip). We then went to see Silver Linings Playbook, which is really fantastic. It's part of my goal to see all the movies up for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. I kind of wish I'd saved Silver Linings for last, because it's so sweet and heart-warming, but instead, I have all the depressing, agonizing movies left to watch that will probably make me feel like someone's ripped my heart out of my chest, chewed it up, puked it out, and stomped on it. We were planning to go out to a bar afterwards, but, because we are elderly, twenty-one and twenty-five year old ladies, we opted instead to go home and go to sleep.

After a somewhat restful night's sleep (Lara apparently woke up at one point on my couch to find both of my cats an inch away from her face, staring at her), we ran off to Yoga District. As part of my New Year's resolution to practice yoga in the studio twice a week, I was looking to check out their Saturday morning, all levels class (I would have made it out the week before, but my bum ankle made that an impossibility). The class was great, and genuinely all levels - there were some real beginners, and some killer awesome crazy yogis. Then, sweaty and gross, we wandered over to Jamie's (who lives half a block away). We went off to Commissary for brunch (try the goat cheese and sun-dried tomato omelet if you would like to die of delicious joy), then headed down to Dupont Circle to meander through the shops. After awhile, we remembered that Dupont doesn't actually have that many shops, just bars. It does, however, have this.

Delightfully horrifying

 That's when Jamie showed us a secret hidden (to me) pathway that leads from the heart of the city to Rock Creek Park.

Models. Except Jamie actually looks like a model.
I just look homeless.

After exhausting the park, we decided to head to Georgetown, home of the wealthy and the beautiful and the shops I can't afford. And the Exorcist. 

Also really good chai tea lattes.

We shopped around, I considered becoming the Phantom of Anthropologie who wanders about like a shopper by day, climbs secretly into the ceiling tiles around closing, and lives there by night, sleeping in the gorgeous canopy bed with is chiffon curtains and wearing heavenly dresses and dainty aprons and hosting delicious imaginary meals on adorable plates to pretend friends, decided I would miss my cats too much, and then suggested we all go back to Jamie's for dinner. We left Jamie's, Lara headed back home, and I stayed in to do laundry like any wild and free twenty-something should.

I will leave you with following message we found at the waterfront at Georgetown. 

Indeed. Happy hump day, everyone.


  1. Haha that statue is full-on terrifying a way that is somehow amazing? I cannot stop staring at it...I'm pretty sure it's looking straight into my soul.

    Glad you had a fun trip!

    1. Right?? It was outside one of the embassies. I can't remember which one (I want to say Cameroon), but I just imagine some elected officials musing to themselves, "What is the best way to present ourself to the United States of America? Oh, this creepy hideous troll baby statue? PERFECT. Set it up asap."