Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The internets took my old pic, so here is a lovely replacement.

Before I get into anything about spring, I just need to share this other picture that came up in my image search for "spring":


After the most disappointing winter of my existence, I am looking towards springtime with new and hopeful eyes. Of course, yesterday, the day I decided to make this transition, it snowed. Instead of murdering someone, I decided to put on a happy face and write about all the things I am excited about this spring, in hopes that I can wish them into existence, a la The Secret*. And so, because lists seem to be the only way I know how to express myself, we begin

 Shit Katie's Looking Forward To This Spring

1. Flowers. Obviously. Because I work outside, I get to watch the full progression of flowers very closely. After 6 weeks of hating the little crocuses and snow drops that have been peeking their little heads out of the ground, I am finally happy to see them. I don't think I ever saw crocuses in Severna Park (where I grew up), but they are everywhere in Takoma Park (where I work). Yards are completely covered with pink, purple, white, and yellow flowers. And at this point, daffodils are also in full bloom. I love the dainty, delicate flowers of spring. They make me want to put them in my hair and pretend I'm a princess and make a strong gentleman carry me around. (At this point in my life, the strong gentleman will probably be you, Jame, so prepare yourself.) 

2. Spring produce. Last year I decided to start eating seasonally, which I would completely recommend. I buy my produce pretty exclusively from my local farmer's market. Not only is this environmentally awesome (low food miles, supporting local farmers, etc), but food tastes its absolute best when it's in its peak growing season. After eating a ruby-red May strawberry, picked yesterday by the farmer selling it to you, you will never again be tempted by those mostly-white flavorless rocks Giant tries to pawn off on you. I also feel like my body gets the kind of food it needs the most depending on the season. The only downfall here is that I've been living off squash and kale and apples all winter, and I am really ready for some asparagus and strawberry rhubarb pie. 

3. Spring clothes! I spent this winter sweating through my sweatshirts at work when it was in the upper sixties, refusing to wear a tee shirt in January. Now, however, I am more than ready to frolic about in flowy pastels and bright colors. I celebrated this impending shift in my wardrobe by going out Sunday and buying three pairs of shoes in coral, turquoise, and some kind of glorious neon orangey-pink color that sounds hideous when I describe it, but trust me, is cute. And then, right on cue, it snowed the next day. 

So, yes. I am delighted about the shift in seasons. True, the weather gods have sensed my joy and decided to make this week frigid and unpleasant, but right now, from my sun-soaked living room, I can't tell that it's actually 37° outside. Positive thinking, my little muffins. I shall will this season into existence. 

*Has everyone else heard of this? My friend Hallie just informed me of it this weekend, and I'm pretty sure it's a cult.

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