Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Cool Things About This Week

1. I went to Town with some delightful people. True, I met some of the bitchiest queens I've ever encountered (one guy literally face palmed my sister out of his way), but I also saw the hottest drag queen I have EVER seen. Seriously, this gal looked exactly like Beyonce. If you hadn't told me she was a dude, I never would have guessed. Also, I got to say "I'm going to Town tonight!" about 20 times.

2. The first class I took at my yoga studio back in October was an Ashtanga class, and it beat the living crap out of me. My muscles were still shaking when I got back to my apartment 30 minutes later, and I was very sore for about 4 days. I went back to Ashtanga on Sunday for the first time since then, and I was only mildly sore the next day. Progress, bitches.

3. My daddy and I had a fun afternoon of farmers markets and Korean food. Curt's a real gem.

4. I decided to become a die-hard Giants for the Superbowl. All my screaming and hollering and Patriot-hating worked because they WON.

5. The cute mechanic I pass every day asked me out. I said no, because that seems to be my knee-jerk reaction to every man that shows any interest in me these days. It made me happy, though.

6. I watched 50/50, and subsequently fell head over heels with this guy:

Great, great, great movie. One of the best I've seen in a long time. But this guy? Good grief. "I wish you were my girlfriend." WHAT?!? Get your bald, sweater-wearing self over here and make out with me asap. Lordy.

7. My newfound obsession attraction prompted me to reactivate my OkCupid account, because I realized the cancer-ridden boy of my dreams could just be floating along out there unbeknownst to me unless I carped the damn diem. (Yeah... this is probably going to be a theme. I give it a week before I decide I hate everyone and delete it again). This time around, I've decided to actually initiate interactions myself, instead of just waiting to blissfully reject every chap that comes my way. And, as it turns out, every guy I message is utterly disinterested in me. Karma, I suppose. The nice thing about this is it's caused me to ease up a bit on the guys messaging me. I still barely respond to anyone, but now I react with disdain instead of blind hatred.

8. The maintenance guy came to our apartment the other day, and upon seeing our stupid menagerie immediately informed me that he's terrified of rats and cats. Stella responded by following him all over the apartment and trying to lick his pants.

9. I went to a classy bar/restaurant with my friends Emmy and Vanessa, and had a nice girls night. Sipping wine makes me feel like a lady.

10. Banana soft serve. Look it up. Make it. You're welcome.

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